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At Triwest A/V we specialize in the servicing of industrial and educational presentation products. We offer excellent repair service and preventive maintenance on virtually all makes and models.



  • Video/Data Projectors
  • Document Camera’s/Presenters
  • iPads & Tablets broken glass screens
  • TV’s – LCD & Plasma
  • Tripods
  • Stage Lights
  • Film Projectors, 35mm, 16mm, 8 & S8mm
  • PA Amplifiers/ Mixers
  • Speakers
  • And More

General Servicing – Preventive Maintenance

With our comprehensive preventive maintenance program we repair, clean and align the equipment for optimum performance that meet or exceed factory specifications.

Video Projectors are prone to failure due to overheating caused by lack of servicing. Dirt accumulation internally clogs the cooling system therefore unexpected shut downs will occur. When replacing lamps it is a good idea to have the unit serviced if it’s been a long time in use to protect the new lamp investment and prolong the use of the equipment without failures.

Check us out for Lamp replacement. We discount the lamp price when a projector is in for maintenance with lamp replacement, saving you money and downtime. Our lamps are genuine manufactures OEM recommended lamp replacements and are guaranteed.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and for the price.

Professional A/V Repair & Film & Video Post & Transfer