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Media Transfer

Umatic, Beta-Cam, Hi8, V8, D8, VHS, Betamax Tape Transfer

Audio Visual Services

At Triwest Audio-Visual  we offer a range of services.

With over 55 years of experience we have become well known for the services we provide.

For many years we have offered Film & Video Transfers. Our Film & Video Transfer Service is done with Professional High Quality Equipment. All of our Film Transfers are done directly to Digital to High Speed Memory Banks  then Authored to DVD,  Blu-Ray and or to any other Media of choice such as Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive or SD Card in any Digital Format required.

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Since repair service is our other half of the business  we maintain our own transfer equipment on a regular bases to keep equipment up to Manufacturers standards for optimal performance providing our customers with the best quality possible.

Quality is Our Number One Priority!

For Customer Repair Service Details Please Visit Our Service Page or call us directly. We are always here to assist  you with any service requirements, questions and information.

Situated in Burnaby our services are available throughout the Lower Mainland. We have worked with several Private Schools, School Boards, Colleges and Universities as well as Commercial and Residential Consumer Markets.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and for the price.

Professional A/V Repair & Film & Video Post & Transfer

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