Video Editing, Post & Transfer

Film & Video to DVD or Blu-Ray

Media Transfer

Umatic, BetaCam, Hi8, V8, D8, VHS, Betamax

Film & Video Tape Transfer To Digital

16mm, R8 & S8mm High Quality Frame by Frame Transfer

At Triwest Audio-Visual  we offer a Full Range of Transfer Services.

Film & Video Tapes Transferred to Digital Files of your choice, DVD or Blu-ray.

All done in house at our location in North Burnaby, BC. We do not source out any jobs.

High Quality Frame by Frame in Real Time Transfer of 16mm, R8mm, S8mm Films in SD, HD 2K, & 4K and future 8K resolution.

Adjustments are made in Real Time with AI Technology during the Film Transfer and further processing is done in Post to ensure Best Colour Balance and Enhancement is achieved.

Due to cropping we don’t usually recommend the HD format of 16:9 Aspect Ratio. This can be achieved with a TV menu Options for full screen so this gives the best of both worlds for viewing. Image quality is the same regardless. It’s just the convenience of having Wide Screen instead of the 4:3 720×480 Screen Size.

Our Film & Video Transfer Service is done with Professional High Quality Equipment. All of our  transfers are done directly to Digital and stored to Memory.  We Author to DVD or Blu-Ray or provide digital files stored on Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive or SD Card in any Digital Format requested. AVI is the Recommended Preferred Digital Format where MP4 is a more Universal Format and can be played on just about any media player device. Prores MOV for the MAC Computer user for Editing. And there are many more we can offer if so desired. Just Let Us Know what your Preference and Needs are.

Click on this link for more information on our /film transfer service.

We maintain our own transfer equipment in house on a regular bases to keep equipment up to Manufacturers standards for optimal performance providing our customers with the best quality possible.

Quality is Our Number One Priority!

We are always here to assist  you with any service requirements, questions and information about our services.

Serving the Educational, Industrial/Commercial and Consumer Markets for many years.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and for the price.

Professional Film & Video Post & Transfer