These are video clip samples of our R8 & S8mm film transfer.

Due to the downsizing of files for internet streaming the resolution is much lower than the original video files and therefore the samples may not be suited for viewing full screen. Original samples are available for viewing at our location in Burnaby, BC.

You are viewing Samples of an Original Frame by Frame R8mm and S8mm Film Transfers untouched using our Professional inhouse Equipment. These are current transfers done  for one of our customers in Vancouver British Columbia who gave us permission to post the video for a sample of our work. The films were in excellent condition. Color, Sharpness and Brightness were excellent on both films that transferred very well showing capabilities of our system without touch up. R8mm film for the most part was grainy and that is apparent in this video clip. The R8mm film clip was from 1953 and S8mm film was shot in the 1970’s.

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