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At Triwest AV we Guarantee High Quality Film Transfer.

Our system consists of  Frame by Frame Real Time Transfer Utilizing New AI Technology.

All of our Film Transfers are done to Digital to an Ultra Fast Hard Drive in Real Time. The Digital Files are then Assemble Edited, Colour and Luminance are Adjusted, Blank sections are Edited out and the Completed Digital Video is Transferred to the Desired Storage Media. USB Flash or Hard Drive, DVD or Blu-ray Authored with or without Menu(s) & Chapters. Additional Charges Will Apply. Contact us for the price.

Take a look at our Sample Page for samples of a R8mm & S8mm film transfer done on our Frame by Frame System. Both are originals with no corrections.

Our Unique & Safe Film Cleaning Service is included with all of our film transfers at no additional charge. Our cleaning system does not use chemicals or any dry rubbing process such as cloth between fingers or treated fabric rollers but a Unique Proprietary method designed by us and developed over many years of experience in handling of films. Sticky Roller Technology is used that is very gentle to the film with no rubbing. We use discretionary cleaning as some of the very old films are extremely fragile and brittle and is not recommended for cleaning.

For Old and Brittle Film the Dirt is removed after the Transfer in Post using the very latest in AI Software for Restoration of the Old Film. Additional Charges will apply for such work. Contact us for price.

We transfer R8mm, S8mm, 16mm, Super 16, 16mm Anamorphic(Cinemascope) Films, Silent, Optical and Magnetic Sound. In Resolutions from SD, 2K, 4K and Future 8K.

For HD & Ultra HD Resolutions Cropping will occur due to the Wide Screen Image Ratio of 16:9. So One must choose if it would be advisable to have the Film Transferred in HD or SD.

Slides and Photographs to Digital Transfer:

Slides and Photographs are transferred with infrared detection for dirt and scratch removal and a high DPI/PPI for optimum digital image quality, 2K, 4K & 8K. We further process the media with manual spot removal of dirt, scratch and smug marks. We can Archive the Image Files to Disc or USB  Storage Device or Create a Video Slideshow Presentation with Narration and Music for Commercial and for those Memorable Occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, and Family Keepsake.

Contact us for more information and price.


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