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At Triwest we guarantee high quality film transfer.

Our system consists of a Telecine projector used in conjunction with a professional optics system called a Biplexer. The projected image is focused in onto a set of field lenses in the Biplexer that produces an aerial image (image is suspended in mid-air). A Professional 3 CCD HD camera is mounted at the output port focused in on the aerial image. This method gives uniform brightness, sharpness and details edge to edge, optimizing image quality.

All of our film transfers are done digitally to ultra fast memory in real time. The DV-AVI files are then assemble edited and the completed video is transferred to the desired media, such as DVD or Blu-ray and or Digital files stored on Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, SD Card or Uploaded to Cloud storage for on line streaming.

There are many methods of transferring film. The two most common methods for Industrial and Consumer are Telecine and Frame by Frame Scanning. They both are frame by frame in that they both freeze frame each film frame and both can produce a quality transfer. There is little noticeable difference in quality if the right equipment is used. The major difference between the two is that the Telecine runs in real time with a shutter synchronized to the video pickup device and the Frame by Frame runs at a very slow speed taking a picture of each frame at a time without a shutter using a digital camera much like the digital photo cameras do. It can take several hours to transfer a few feet of film Frame by Frame as opposed to minutes for Telecine. Frame by Frame is usually more expensive and is not very cost effective. The latest scanner system is fast, superior quality but is very expensive and therefore not cost effective for us and for the home movie market. For Hollywood however the sky’s the limit as the end product is mass produced and or televised through TV stations or at Cinemas.

After the transfer is complete the video is edited taking out any bad sections and adding any necessary corrections and effects that may be required. The final digital video is then rendered out to the required media.

Take a look at our Sample Page for samples of a R8mm & S8mm film transfer done on our Telecine System. Both are originals with no corrections required as the films were in excellent condition.

Our Unique & Safe Film Cleaning Service is included with all of our film transfers at no additional charge. Our cleaning system does not use chemicals or any dry rubbing process such as cloth between fingers or treated fabric rollers but a Unique Proprietary method designed by us and developed over many years of experience in handling of films. We use discretionary cleaning as some of the very old films are extremely fragile and brittle and is not recommended for cleaning.

We transfer R8mm, S8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, Super 16, 16mm Anamorphic(Cinemascope) Films Optical and Magnetic Sound.

Slides and Photographs to Digital Transfer:

Slides and Photographs are transferred with infrared detection for dirt and scratch removal for optimum digital image quality.  We can Archive the Image Files to Disc or some Storage Device or Create a Video Slideshow Presentation with Narration and Music for Commercial and for those Memorable Occasions and Family Keepsake.

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